Cerritos and California Fish and Wildlife Adopt Gahr High School GSP student material

Six persons standing and smiling on the camera

Advanced Placement Environmental Science and Honors Biology teacher Ms. Quyen Vu and 20 GSP students are implementing a new local sustainability project that they established in collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. They are testing water quality and identifying/monitoring invasive species in the lakes at the above locations. They are also conducting…

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Garit Imhoff, Artist Outreach Grant Recipient, Recognized as Outstanding Artist-Teacher

A person showing artwork to a group of kids sitting at their table

Garit Imhoff was recently recognized as an outstanding artist-teacher in residence for an art/music program he originally established with an Artist Outreach Project grant in 2012. He has successfully continued his work with children and The Center for World Music who secured major grant funding for his program. The Center for World Music recognized Garit…

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