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Garit Imhoff, Artist Outreach Grant Recipient, Recognized as Outstanding Artist-Teacher

Garit Imhoff was recently recognized as an outstanding artist-teacher in residence for an art/music program he originally established with an Artist Outreach Project grant in 2012. He has successfully continued his work with children and The Center for World Music who secured major grant funding for his program.

The Center for World Music recognized Garit “for his years of dedication as an outstanding artist-teacher in residence for the World Music in the Schools program.” Garit is a professional mbira player, teacher, and performer, specializing in storytelling and movement. An Artist Outreach grant in 2012 gave him the opportunity to start an art/music program in Encinitas at the Boys and Girls Club of San Dieguito, and to collaborate with the Center for World Music.

Back then, Garit’s vision was to introduce children to musical, dance, puppetry, and storytelling traditions from cultures around the world. He also wanted to establish a program that could provide sustained opportunities for children to develop understanding of other cultures through art and music. With Artist Outreach funding, Garit collaborated with The Center for World Music and Ticha Muzavazi, an instrument builder in Zimbabwe, to develop specially made small-sized Zimbabwean mbiras that could be easily played by young children taking his music program. When his yearlong Artist Outreach grant ended, Garit and the Center for World Music adapted his program to serve public and private primary schools throughout the County of San Diego. Garit’s music classes in the schools are now supported by grants from the California Arts Council, the National Endowment of the Arts, and the local San Diego community.

Garit credits his experience with Artist Outreach for helping him improve his ability to engage children in learning music, particularly when they experience competing demands for their time and interest, and for providing the initial support to create a sustained program that gives young children an opportunity to develop their musical abilities and understanding of other cultures.

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