The Foundation provides collaborative and financial assistance to successful social entrepreneurs whose nonprofit organizations are financially sustainable, expanding on a regional or national level, and in the growth stage of development. These organizations have generally been operating for 3-5 years. The entrepreneur has a track record of demonstrated success and high potential for growth and social impact. At this stage in their development, capacity building rather than model building is the major challenge. Developing infrastructure and an effective organization to sustain and expand growth is now critical to the organization’s continued trajectory. Funding is awarded annually and may be renewed by application for up to three years.


The organization takes an innovative approach that directly contributes to human development through the arts, education, mental health, social services, or health care.

There must be a strong desire to invest time and energy in management and organizational development. We are a highly engaged funder. The entrepreneur should have a demonstrated interest and ability to collaborate with a funder in a meaningful way.

The organization must be independent and autonomous. The applicant is the primary decision maker for the organization's development and management. We do not fund startup programs within larger established organizations.

The program has a presence in Southern California.