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Barbara Gothard. Outstanding Artist Outreach Project Artist


On Saturday, June 9, Dr. Barbara Gothard presented the ART: Sustain It! exhibit. The impressive exhibit was the culmination of Dr. Gothard’s AOP project, The Art and Sustainability Project, and the featured artwork was created by students from the nationally acclaimed The Preuss School UCSD in San Diego. Dr. Gothard created the Art and Sustainability Project in collaboration with Barak Smith, chairman of the Fine Arts Department at Preuss. The event was held at Space 4 Art in San Diego and curated by Gerald Montoya.

Dr. Gothard designed the Art and Sustainability Project as a way to incorporate principles of environmental stewardship into a studio art class. The students used eco-friendly materials when producing their artworks, and focused on the Five R’s: Recycle, Reuse, Reclaim, Repurpose, and Respect.

The exhibit was very well attended by The Preuss School’s students, parents, teachers, administrators, friends of the school, and the general public. Projects featured included paper mosaic self-portraits, watercolor pencil drawings, hand-made paper, mono-prints, watercolor paintings, optical illusion drawings, found object sculptures, soft sculptures, and cardboard relief sculptures. The superb quality of the work on display was a testament to Dr. Gothard’s exceptional abilities as an artist and educator, as well as the students’ artistic talents. Enjoy the photos of this remarkable exhibit!

Soft sculpture created by Jessica, grade 12

A visitor admires the students’ optical
illusion projects

Paintings created by Preuss students

“Geometric Fashion,” by William. Recycled paper in pyramid shapes is used to
create a fashionable dress

3D cardboard relief sculptures

3D cardboard relief sculptures

Paintings created by Preuss students

Guests view the students’ paper mosaic self-portraits

These paintings were done on paper that the students made fromrecycled materials

A student stands with one of her paintings

The pencils in Maximiliano and Brando’s
artwork display the numbers of students
who drop out of high school each year in California

Rosary beads shaped into an AK-47 gun reflect the number of deaths in Mexico that have resulted from drug war violence. By Edgar and Carmelo

Detail of a cardboard relief sculpture

Paintings created by Preuss students

Paintings created by Preuss students

Students from Preuss manage the entryway to the exhibit

Guests enjoy the diverse artwork on display

Visitors congregate in the outdoor area of Space 4 Art

Daniel with his soft sculpture

Cesar and Selene with their soft sculptures

Barak Smith, Dr. Barbara Gothard, and Victor Nelson

Dr. Gothard with curator Gerald Montoya

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