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San Clemente High Students Present Curriculum to San Onofre Park Foundation

Eleven students from San Clemente High School and their teacher, Elizabeth Kerr, presented the results of their community service project to the trustees of the San Onofre Parks Foundation on June 28 at the House of Photographic Art in San Juan Capistrano. The students completed over 80 hours each during the last seven months as part of their commitment to the Foundation’s Global Sustainability Project. The students developed a curriculum to educate high school biology and environmental science students about the cultural history, flora and fauna of the San Mateo Watershed. The curriculum is the San Onofre Park Foundation’s first educational and interpretive program developed for high school students. The collaboration between the Picerne Family Foundation, San Clemente High School and the San Onofre Park Foundation was noted as a positive example of a private/public partnership. For more information about the project, click here.

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