Shelter-in-Place: Face-to-Face

The shelter-in-place mandate necessitated by the COVID-19 crisis has created a new set of opportunities and problems for individuals and communities.  For some, it is an opportunity to free oneself from the hectic fast-paced treadmill we often complain about.  We now have a chance to connect more with ourselves and with our family.  But many are beginning to feel the effects of cabin fever - going stir crazy from being cooped up.  Feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety are reactions to this immediate cessation in our daily routines of work and school.  Individuals of all ages are feeling the impact of this enforced isolation.  There is a great need right now to provide opportunities to connect with others.

In response to this crisis, the Picerne Family Foundation has created an opportunity for welcome relief through its Shelter-in-Place: Face-to-Face program.  The Picerne Family Foundation has arranged live one-on-one music, art, and writing lessons free to anyone in the community.  These 15 – 30 minute “in-person” lessons are conducted through interactive video programs such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.  The instructors are all professional artists who are donating their time for this project.  There is no fee for these lessons.   And if the user needs help getting set up on one of the interactive platforms, the Foundation provides personal assistance.

The Foundation currently connects individuals to artists with the following specialties:

  1. General art, collage, stitching, art with stories. All ages. Bilingual (English/Spanish)
  2. General art, origami, clay, recycled art. All ages.
  3. Music, keyboard/piano, Ages 6-10.
  4. Drawing, painting. All Ages.
  5. Guitar, all styles. Ages 8 – 16. Bilingual (English/Spanish).
  6. Poetry, short stories, folk tales. All Ages.
  7. Singing, guitar. 60 years old and up. Spanish only.
  8. Photography - Introduction and Smart Phone.
  9. Improvisation and Sketch Writing.

Individuals may submit their request to schedule a session by clicking on the Contact page on the Picerne Family Foundation website:   Indicate in your note to the Foundation which artist(s) or type of art you are interested in from the above list.  We will respond directly to you and attempt to fulfill as many requests as possible on a first-come first-serve basis.  We will be expanding this list as the need demands.

If you are an artist, writer or musician and would like to volunteer your time to tutor others, please contact the Foundation on the Contact page as well.

The teachers are very enthusiastic.  We look forward to hearing from you.