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Corona del Mar Vocal Music Program led by Andrew Ball

Corona del Mar Vocal Music Program led by Andrew BallThe Picerne Family Foundation awarded the first Musical Visions grant to the Corona del Mar (CdM) High School Vocal Music Program, led by Andrew Ball, Choral Conductor, for the 2017/18 school year. The goal of the program is to develop the musicianship and vocal ability of the most capable students by providing access to individualized voice lessons. All 41 members of the top choral group, the Madrigal Singers, are eligible for weekly 30-minute individual voice lessons throughout the school year.

In addition to inspiring a culture of musicians who value both solo and ensemble performance at the school, Mr. Ball hopes to broaden the discussion and raise expectations about what an academically focused high school music program must include to properly prepare students for university level programs. Long term success would see most of these students continuing to create music at high levels throughout the country, not just as high-ranking university voice majors, but also as participants in top collegiate and community vocal ensembles. Regardless of each student’s ultimate career path, they will be lifelong participants in music and the arts as performers, audience members, and patrons. They will take with them experiences that will enrich themselves and those around them.

To measure outcomes of the program, students receiving lessons will be tested using six-level sight reading tests. Vocal improvement will be determined in individual and group performances where participants are provided direct feedback from adjudicators who are masters in the field. The impact of the program will also be measured by the number of students who receive scholarships or admission into top music schools.

Laura Erath, a Southern California performer and vocal coach, will assist Mr. Ball with leadership of the expanded vocal music program and will provide the individual vocal coaching.