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Local Sustainability Projects - Ocean View High School

SCHS - Local Sustainability ProjectA cornerstone of the GSP is the requirement that students provide 40 hours of direct service to a nature conservancy or nonprofit ecology organization in their community. The Foundation strongly believes that students should develop an ethic of responsibility for their environment, both locally and globally. The Foundation requires this hands-on service to allow the students to “pay forward” the opportunity they have been afforded in participating in the Earthwatch expedition.

The Bolsa Chica Land Trust, Huntington Beach, CA. The Bolsa Chica Land Trust is a non-profit formed in 1992. Their mission is “the acquisition, preservation and restoration of all of the Bolsa Chica and the education of the public to its natural wonders and cultural significance.” The Trust has been instrumental in the protection of the wetlands and uplands at Bolsa Chica. Over the last 18 years, the Stewards of the Trust have hosted over 16,000 volunteers to help restore Southern California Coast Sage scrub and native grassland to the Lower Bench of the Mesa.

The GSP Project. Beginning in October 2013, an area of the Mesa at the Bolsa Chica Land Trust will be dedicated to the eleven students enrolled in the Global Sustainability Project. The area will be approximately a 50’ diameter, 1,650 square foot circle. Each student will be responsible for a 150 square foot area. Students will be required to clear the area using hand tools, down to the mineral soil. The students will then plant 450 one-gallon native plants in this area and be responsible for the area’s maintenance and care of the plants through May 2014. The plants will be required to be watered twice monthly and the area kept weed free. Monitoring protocols which will determine the area’s planting success/failure rate will be implemented by the students. They will draft a pre-project summary of the current state of the area, a mid-point summary and final summation which will be compiled for a presentation by the students at a Bolsa Chica Land Trust town hall event in early June 2014.

The Foundation will underwrite the cost of plants, materials, tools and irrigation.

All students are required to attend an orientation at Bolsa Chica on
October 6, 2013 from 9:00 – 12:00 noon. Students may then accumulate volunteer hours on the dates below. The work day is 9:00 – 12:00 noon. The students will accumulate 36 hours or 12 days of direct service. In addition they will be given 4 hours credit towards the preparation and presentation of their experience to the Town Hall meeting. Because of the necessity of watering and weeding, at least 3 students must be present on any one day. The plot cannot go a month untended. Students will have the responsibility of insuring this coverage.

October 6th, 9:00 – 12:00 - Orientation – All students – Attendance mandatory.
October 19th
November 3rd & 16th
December 1st & 21st
January 5th & 18th
February 2nd & 15th
March 2nd & 15th
April 6th & 19th
May 4th & 17th
June 1st & 21st