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Description and Application Info

  1. What is the definition of an “artist” who is eligible to apply for the Artist Outreach Project?  I am not sure if I will qualify as an “artist.”

    The Foundation defines an “artist” as someone who has been engaged as a writer, performer, musician, or visual artist with some regularity and continuity over the years. The Foundation does not require that applicants have been paid for their artistic endeavors.

  2. What artistic disciplines does the Artist Outreach Project support?

    The artist outreach project supports artists pursuing projects with underserved groups in the literary, performing, or visual arts. The Foundation maintains a liberal definition of these art forms, and considers applications from a wide spectrum of these art forms. However, proposals primarily focused on sports activities such as surfing or other therapeutic disciplines such as yoga or meditation will not be considered for an Artist Outreach Grant.

  3. What groups qualify as “underserved” for the Artist Outreach Project?

    Groups and individuals of any age are underserved when they lack opportunities to engage in therapeutic or educational arts programs. Quite often, these groups or individuals lack access because of economic, social, or other disadvantages.

  4. Does the Foundation prioritize specific underserved individuals or groups for arts programming through the Artist Outreach Project?

    No – The Foundation seeks to provide underserved groups of all kinds and all ages with meaningful therapeutic or educational arts experiences.

  5. Can artists apply to work with more than one underserved group and/or nonprofit organization?

    Yes – Artists often apply to serve more than one population and more than one nonprofit organization.  Applicants may be interested in serving diverse groups. Moreover, some nonprofits are unable to accommodate a weekly commitment of six to eight hours a week.

  6. Does the Foundation expect each artist to serve a minimum number of people each week?

    No – the Foundation expects each artist to determine the number of people they would like to serve based on the artist’s own interests and ability, and the nature of the project being pursued.

  7. Can I submit an Artist Outreach Project application if I am not available to contribute six to eight hours each week?

    Yes – The Foundation awards smaller grants to artists who are interested in contributing fewer hours.

  8. Will the Foundation accept my Artist Outreach Project application if I am planning to take some time off for travel or other activities during the year I plan to pursue my project?

    Yes – The foundation will consider applications from artists who plan to take time off for part of the year. Plans for time away should be coordinated with the nonprofit host and people being served.

  9. The nonprofit I am collaborating with would like the Artist Outreach Project to provide funding for use of their space, additional staff, or administrative overhead.  Can I include these expenses in my proposal and budget?

    No – The Artist Outreach Grant only provides funding for supplies directly used by the participants artists serve.  Nonprofits are expected to contribute space, oversight, and access to clients who will benefit from the artist’s services.

  10. I have been providing volunteer services as an artist to a nonprofit organization for some time.  Can I collaborate with this nonprofit and apply for an Artist Outreach Project grant to pay for my time and materials?

    No – The intent of the Artist Outreach Project is to provide artists with new opportunities to give back.  However, you may consider an Artist Outreach Project application with a different nonprofit or another population that you have not had an opportunity to serve.

  11. Will the Foundation accept an Artist Outreach Project application from a nonprofit organization to support staffing for ongoing arts programming?

    No – the Foundation only accepts applications from individual artists. However, nonprofits may encourage and collaborate with artists to complete an application. Please note – the Foundation will not accept applications from artists who are current staff, paid consultants, or volunteers with the nonprofit. The Artist Outreach Project is intended to provide artists with new opportunities to give back.

  12. Can I apply for an Artist Outreach Project grant to provide art education in a school setting where young people now have limited access to art education?

    The Artist Outreach Project is not intended to replace art education in public, charter, or private schools during the school day. However, artists may collaborate with schools to provide after-school arts experiences for children or families – particularly in neighborhoods where few after-school opportunities exist.

  13. What is the best way for me to submit my Artist Outreach Application?

    Artists may submit applications by U.S. mail, as an email attachment, or by downloading the application.

  14. Can I mail in a handwritten application?


  15. Should I submit examples of my work with my application?

    Artists are not required to submit examples of their work as part of their application. However, the Foundation may request examples of work during interviews with finalists.

  16. How will I know the Foundation received my application?

    The Foundation will send an email confirmation when the application is received. Confirmations will be mailed to applicants without an email address.

  17. How will I know if I am chosen as a Finalist for the Artist Outreach grant?

    The Foundation will notify all applicants about the status of their application by email or U.S. mail on or before the application review deadline. Applicants will be notified if they have been chosen as a finalist, if their application has been denied, or if a decision has not been made about their application.

  18. How should I complete my budget?  I am unsure about the number of people I will serve and all of the materials I will need.

    The budget section is intended for the artist to provide an estimate of the amount they anticipate to be reimbursed for materials over the course of one year. Application reviewers understand artists may make an educated guess about their budget. The average budget approved for supplies reimbursement is $1,000 per year. Budgets will be reviewed and updated with Finalists before grants are approved.