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Starting a Project in Your City

The Picerne Family Foundation has developed a Partnership Model to help organizations that would like to start an Artist Outreach Project in their communities.

1. Program Purpose

The Artist Outreach Project is designed to provide artists age 55 and older the opportunity to give back to their community in a meaningful way. Individual programs offer service to in-need and underserved clients in local, nonprofit organizations. The significant benefits of the Project for the artists, the nonprofit organizations and their clients, and the community at large have been well documented. The Foundation is committed to supporting other communities that would like to create a local Artist Outreach Project.

2. Proprietary Issues

The Foundation feels that local communities are better able to administer and sustain projects based on their specific needs, culture and interests. For instance, the local community may wish to create an intergenerational program in which the artists serve clients of all ages. Another local agency may, on the other hand, wish to create a program of senior artists serving the elderly in community residences. The Foundation has no proprietary interest in licensing, naming, or administering local projects. Materials are copywrited and would be freely shared with appropriate recognition.

3. The Partnership Model

a. The Expertise: The Picerne Family Foundation will provide pro bono assistance to the other partners to insure a successful project. We will provide all the technical materials necessary to initiate, administer, and evaluate an AOP. We will also provide pro bono on-site consultation and ongoing assistance for a one-year period. We do not provide financial grants for local community agencies to fund Artist Outreach Projects.

b. The Host: The second partner would be a local nonprofit organization serving the elderly or one engaged in the arts or healthcare. This organization would be the host for the project. The host would administer the program and as such be responsible for providing day-to-day leadership, office space, and other support as needed. A program with ten artists could be administered and supervised by a part-time professional.

c. The Funder: The third partner would provide the financial support for the project locally. This partner could be an individual, a foundation, a corporate sponsor, or a governmental agency. The initial investment would depend upon the number of artists funded. For instance, program and grant costs for 10 artists would be approximately $150,000.

4. Next Step

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact Dr. Ken Golden, Senior Advisor to the Picerne Family Foundation, at kengolden@cox.net or 760-944-3436.