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Description and Application Info
Table of Contents

1. Objective
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The objective of Artist Outreach is twofold:

  • To provide accomplished visual, performing, and literary artists the opportunity to help underserved members of the community
  • To provide high quality educational, mentoring, and therapeutic arts experiences to the underserved

The Foundation is well aware of the enormous therapeutic and educational contribution artists can make to those in-need within their communities. Artists often do not receive the support necessary to allow them to make this contribution. The Foundation also recognizes that significant therapeutic and educational impact rarely occurs in short "hit-and-run" programs. Therefore, the Foundation has developed a year-long program that provides support for experienced artists who are motivated to contribute to their community.

Stipends are available to literary, visual, and performing artists who are:

  • Age 55 or older
  • Residents of Orange County or North San Diego County

The Picerne Family Foundation plans to provide up to 20 stipends in 2012 to artists age 55 and older. Selected artists will receive a grant of $12,000 to pursue a 12-month project of their own choosing. The grant is intended to fund artists' actual contact time with participants and will be paid out at $1,000 per month. Artists may submit an additional request for reimbursement for materials directly related to service provision. Items such as the rental of office space, capital expenditures for permanent equipment, general office supplies, extra personnel, and travel expenses will not be reimbursed. The Foundation expects artists awarded the grant will devote six to eight hours of direct contact time per week to the people they wish to serve at a nonprofit organization of their choice. Partial grants may be awarded to artists wishing to contribute fewer hours.

Projects should be designed for an in-need population that normally would not have access to the proposed services. There are no restrictions regarding the age of the participants the artist chooses to serve. However, projects should be educational, mentoring, and/or therapeutic experiences for the participants. Artists awarded the grant will be expected to participate in a project evaluation.

Projects should be carried out in association with organizations that possess not-for-profit, tax-exempt status. Artists may propose to work with one or more underserved groups and nonprofit organizations. If the artist would like help in locating individuals or groups that could benefit from an artist's services, the Foundation will provide help in selecting a worthy nonprofit. Projects are not limited to North San Diego and Orange County—based agencies or organizations, although preference may be shown for these projects.

Information about the previous Artist Outreach Project grant recipients and their projects can be found here.

Examples of potentially fundable projects include:

  • Teaching ukulele to convalescing wounded war veterans
  • Helping homeless children create collages
  • Teaching drama to inner-city, African-American youth
  • Engaging youth in creative writing who have been identified by police as at risk
  • Conducting nature photography on a one-on-one basis with autistic children
  • Leading interpretive dance in a retirement facility

The Foundation will not fund:

  • Performances, demonstrations or “showings” of the artist’s own work
  • Projects in schools that are traditionally part of the academic curriculum
  • Projects that are primarily religious in nature
  • Projects where the primary applicant is a nonprofit or educational organization rather than a literary, visual, or performing artist

Artists are encouraged to contact the Foundation in advance of their written applications in order to discuss their intended projects. They can also receive assistance in connecting with a suitable group at this time, if needed.

Application Timeline: The Foundation will begin accepting applications on May 1, 2014. The application deadline is Thursday July 31, 2014. Please contact the Foundation at 949-267-1517 or use the Contact link above if you would like to discuss your plans for an Artist Outreach Project application.

Pre-submission: Prior to submission of an application, interested artists are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the Foundation staff in a phone call or e-mail. Qualified artists with ideas that appear to fit the project criteria will be encouraged to submit a formal application. Application materials can be obtained by phone, by e-mail request, or by download from the Foundation website by clicking on the download an application link at the bottom of this page.

Formal Application: Artists may submit a written application to the Picerne Family Foundation by e-mail attachment, regular mail, or by filling out the online application. The Foundation will evaluate all proposals in terms of the reliability and professionalism of the artist and the artist’s likelihood for success. The Foundation will also evaluate the educational and psychosocial impact of the proposed project.

It will be the applicant’s responsibility as part of the written application to describe the project they would engage in, the time they would devote, and a budget outlining the supplies necessary for the project. Artists are expected to provide a letter of support from the nonprofit organization(s) they have chosen to host the project with the application. The letter of support should demonstrate the nonprofit’s interest in hosting the artist's project if the artist is awarded a grant. Finally, applicants will be asked to submit a resume of their art experience and references with the application.

Interview: Based on the written application, the Foundation will select finalists for the consequent interview phase. Finalists may be asked to present samples of their work in advance of the interview. Artist proposals, plans, and budgets will be reviewed in more depth during the interview. Finalists are often asked to follow up on one or more items after the interview, before the Foundation makes a final decision about awarding a grant.

The following criteria are used to determine eligibility for the program:

  • Artist is age 55 or over
  • Artist is an Orange County resident or North San Diego County resident
  • Applicant is a practicing artist in the literary, visual, or performing arts
  • Preference given to projects involving individuals, agencies or organizations located in Orange County.
  • Projects will be carried out in association with organizations that possess not-for-profit, tax-exempt status.  An organization that does not possess non-profit status may be considered if a non-profit organization agrees to sponsor it.
  • Projects are to be educational, mentoring, or therapeutic, arts-based programs.

  1. What is the definition of an “artist” who is eligible to apply for the Artist Outreach Project?  I am not sure if I will qualify as an “artist.”

    The Foundation defines an “artist” as someone who has been engaged as a writer, performer, musician, or visual artist with some regularity and continuity over the years. The Foundation does not require that applicants have been paid for their artistic endeavors.

  2. What artistic disciplines does the Artist Outreach Project support?

    The artist outreach project supports artists pursuing projects with underserved groups in the literary, performing, or visual arts. The Foundation maintains a liberal definition of these art forms, and considers applications that represent a wide spectrum of these art forms. However, proposals primarily focused on sports activities such as surfing or other therapeutic disciplines such as yoga or meditation will not be considered for an Artist Outreach Grant.

  3. What groups qualify as “underserved” for the Artist Outreach Project?

    Groups and individuals of any age are underserved when they lack opportunities to engage in therapeutic or educational arts programs. Quite often, these groups or individuals lack access because of economic, social, or other disadvantages.

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Contact Victor Nelson, the Foundation Executive Director, if you are an artist with questions about the Artist Outreach Project, if you represent a nonprofit organization interested in hosting a visual, performing, or literary artist, or if you are interested in starting an Artist Outreach Project in your own community. Mr. Nelson can be reached at 949-267-1517 or via e-mail by clicking e-mail contact or the contact link at the top of the page.

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