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Artist Bios and Photos

Picerne Family Foundation Artist Bios and Photos

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2013 Artist Bios and Photos
The Picerne Family Foundation is pleased to announce the 2013 Artist Outreach Project grant recipients. For more information about the Artist Outreach Project, contact Victor Nelson, the Executive Director of the Picerne Family Foundation, at 949-267-1517 or email us here.

Said Abdelsayed – Visual Artist
Project: Painting and drawing program for youth living in underserved communities of Santa Ana, California.

Patrick Berrogain – Jazz Guitarist, Bassist, Composer/Arranger
Project: “Unleashing the Composer Within” – composing music and expressing musical creativity by taking advantage of advances in technology with at risk youth and low-income seniors.

Martha Faghani – Visual Artist, Art Educator
Project: Visual arts program emphasizing elements of art, principals of design and creative writing for low-income school-age children at an after school program and for seniors living in an affordable housing community.

Elena Gilliam – Jazz Vocalist
Project: Vocal performance and spoken word workshops with pregnant and parenting teens living in residential treatment facility and homeless teens in a residential program awaiting reunification with family members.

Pamela Rae – Visual Artist
Project: Ceramics workshops for siblings and parents disabled children, at Ivey Ranch Park Association, a therapeutic horseback riding program.

José Lozano – Visual Artist, Educator
Project: Visual Art Program emphasizing projects that celebrate Latino great masters and their cultural traditions for Hispanic youth and families living in low-income inner city neighborhoods of Santa Ana.

Samuel Nolasco – Mariachi Musician, Trumpet
Project: Mariachi Trumpet instruction for at risk Latino students age 5 to 18 who are participating in an after school program dedicated to exploring cultural art through mariachi music in San Juan Capistrano.

Myrenna Ogbu – Actress, Poet, Storyteller, Singer and Director
Project: Writing and performing arts program for developmentally disabled adults.

Sherry Salito-Forsen – Glass Artist
Project: Beginners beading classes for low-income seniors living in an affordable housing community and the San Clemente Senior Center.

Rick St dennis – Visual Artist, Designer, Instructor
Project: Basic and intermediate art techniques with LBGT seniors – painting, art journaling, pen/pencil, mixed media.

Renee Stewart – Photographer
Project: Photography course for adults with physical, developmental, intellectual and learning disabilities.

Kathy Williams – Singer, Songwriter
Project: Mindful Music Project – Singing and creative songwriting for at risk youth and elderly adults.