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Picerne Family Foundation Artist Bios and Photos

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2012 Artist Bios and Photos
Santiago Maldonado-Reyna – Musician

Santiago Maldonado-Reyna is collaborating with the Capistrano Community Mariachi Program (CCMP) to implement a Youth Harp Education Project. This Mariachi program serves students between 5 and 18 years old, most are Latino and at risk for gangs and dropping out of school. They experience poverty, social alienation, and lack of opportunities for meaningful engagement after school. Santiago is giving CCMP the opportunity to offer music lessons on the harp, which is one of the oldest and most traditional mariachi instruments. As mariachi bands traveled more frequently, the harp became a less common part of the mariachi ensemble because they were difficult to transport. However, in recent years, the harp is becoming more popular. Through this year-long Harp Education Project, students will learn the basics of harp mechanics, develop their music reading skills and improve their musicianship. Santiago hopes, by providing students with an innovative approach to the learning the harp, he will instill a desire for a higher educational achievement and musical development. Ultimately, Santiago would like to see his work with the students translate into improved perseverance and success at school and in life. Santiago has been a bilingual professional musician for more than forty years. He plays the harp, guitar, guitarron, vihuela and he is a vocalist.