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2010 Artist Bios and Photos
Roberto Salas – Visual Artist

Roberto Salas – Visual ArtistRoberto mentors students in the Barrio Arte club at Mira Costa College in Oceanside. The members are Latino students attending community college. Many are searching for educational and personal direction and lack Latino role models in the arts from their immediate community. The students Roberto mentors work in the community to produce collaborative mural projects that otherwise could not be funded. Students learn aspects of research, design, preparation and execution of mural painting. Roberto’s personal experience tells him that children of Latino parents are often discouraged from exploring serious career options in the arts. Roberto uses his personal background and professional experience as a community artist working with diverse underrepresented communities, to provide opportunities the Barrio Arte students will not find in a traditional classroom. Roberto is a Chicano from the barrio of Buena Vista in El Paso, Texas, and is bilingual in Spanish. He has worked in the area of public art producing murals and site-specific sculpture across the US and abroad. He is Director of the Centro Artistico y Cultural and is a graduate of the BFA program at the University of New Mexico. Roberto earned his MFA from the University of California, San Diego. More information about Roberto can be found at robertosalas.com.